2019 Redhawk Crescent Indie Awards Official Film Selections!

2019 Redhawk Crescent Indie Awards Official Film Selections!

WORLD ANNOUNCEMENT! Here are the 2019 Redhawk Crescent Indie Awards Official Film Selections! Brought to you by Redhawk Crescent Studios ! Check the Official Selections below! Congrats to all the selected film makers! The Award Show is July 13th at 5:40-9:00 at Johnson C. Smith University!! Tickets are on sale now! CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO ORDER! Thanks!


Short Film Selections

Girl Dads By: Jay Wiggins

Soul Bones By: Andrew Huggins

Forgiveness By: Idris Pearson

Smoke By: Scott Allan Pardue

Counterplay By: Ty Durden

Pajama Warfare By: Tim Richardson

Student Short Film Selections
Luke Evans- Local Hero

Web- Series Selections

North Cack By:Ty Durden

Phoenix Inc: The Series By: Brian Randall

Repercussions The Show By: Keema Mingo

Diva’s Perfect Posse By: Christina Gopal

Music Video Selection

Fresh Fest: Tim Richardson

Feature Film Selection

JF Bailey- Love & Drugs

My 3 Boys By: Shorni Hardy

The Players By: Pj Barnes

Comedy Skits
Don’t Talk About Michael By: Pj Barnes
Awkward Uber Driver By: Pj Barnes

Best Horror Short Films

The Last Seance By: Laura Kulik

The Dollmaker By: Al Lougher

Father By: Chris Keller

BlackBird By: Tim Fellingham