Chocolate City Sex Chronicles- Lady In The Black Dress Part 1

Chocolate City Sex Chronicles- Lady In The Black Dress Part 1

It all started out as a dream and then it became a reality. Somehow I couldn’t get her out my head. The way her body was shaped like a coco-cola bottle, made my dick jump up in my pajamas. It just made me want her more and more. I had to find out this mysterious woman. She is my drug and her love has to quench my thirst. As I lay in bed resting my head fantasizing about her and all her beauty, I went to my phone to find her Instagram or any social media for that issue. I tried to remember her name. I was so frustrated at myself, that I threw my phone at the wall, because I couldn’t find this beautiful ebony woman that I had discovered in my dreams. I knew I wasn’t loosing my mind. She had to be real or at least that’s what I was thinking. I had visions of her lovely face in my head. Frustrated at the moment, I debated whether I should call my friends and let them know about this mysterious woman that I’ve been seeing in my dreams. But they would just laugh at me and I can’t handle looking like a idiot in front of them. So I made my mind up. The only way I can see this sexy ebony again was to go back to sleep and to find her in my dreams and ask her whats her name and then I’ll find her in real life. As I laid down in my bed, I grab the coco-butter beside me and I put a dab on my hand and I started to caress my cock slowly while I drifted away in my dreams. It was time to go back to Chocolate City to meet this mysterious woman, I can’t seem to stop thinking about. As I enter Chocolate City, there she was the lady in back staring at me and then she said, “Why did you keep me waiting?” I was so shocked that she remember me and then I said, I had to find my way back to you and I couldn’t stop fascinating about your sexy ass. I want you so bad. She said she could see by the way my dick was sticking out in my pants and then she began to laugh while I tried to cover it up. Everyone else was pre-occupied with the other women in the club. It was ass everywhere I looked. Women were getting fucked in the corner screaming and yelling while one Asian girl was sucking another guys cock in the corner while he was moaning so loud that you thought he was going to have a heart attack. She told him to shut up and to stop bitching and take it and he sure did take it. The room was filled with screams of pleasure that made you loose yourself because it sucked you in and made you realize that you never wanted to leave this place. I notice another woman who had on a little red two piece outfit. She was a white woman with exotic tattoos on her body dancing slowly while, she motioned her finger to a ebony woman to come over to her. The ebony woman was Nicki Minaj thick with brown long hair and she had sexy ass, enormous titties that made you want to suck on them so hard you could cum by just feeling on them. The white woman told her to get on her knees, as she grabbed the ebony woman’s head and shoved it in her pussy, and then she told her to eat it good and not to come up until she cums in her mouth. Seeing this made me so excited like I was a junkie that just smoked a 12 inch pipe of cocaine while drinking Hennessy at the same time. I immediately was ready to see what this was all about. My dick was harder than a guy that with blue balls that didn’t get no pussy on his birthday. I was ready to get it on. My attention was focused back on the lady in the black dress. A little embarrassed, she told me to keep walking and then she stopped at a room and she motion me with her finger to come follow her. I immediately walked behind her where she was swinging on a pole staring at me and seducing me with her gorgeous hazel eyes. I was under her spell and she had me in her trance and I was her sex slave. She asked me did I want this and I nodded my head and said hell yea! She threw me on the sofa and then she stared at me while she slowly began lifting her dress up, showing her nice round, plump brown ass. She was wearing a red velvet thong that resembled the color a red velvet cake. I was so turned on that I began sweating and I took off my shirt when she jumped on my lapped and began slowly kissing on my neck, while I was caressing her soft delicate ass. I asked her what her name was and she whispered in my ear and said, “Sssshhhhh, just enjoy the moment and you’ll find that out soon.” I did what she said and then she got off my lap and then slowly started putting her hands in my pants while she was licking on my chest and then she pulled out my dick and started kissing the tip of so well, that my pre-cum came out quickly and I jumped on and she told me to relax and that’s what I did. She began to suck my cock faster and faster and then she started spitting on it and she made it so sloppy that I felt my legs shaking so intensively, that I felt my nut coming. She then proceeded to deep throat my cock in her mouth tasting all my cum in her throat and mouth and it felt so damn good, that I felt my soul leave my body for a few minutes. She kept sucking and sucking, and sucking while the music played with her jaws moving that I had to push her off because I couldn’t take it anymore and I felt myself about to pass out. Then the music stopped and she looked up at me wiping her mouth and she said, “Well that was interesting.” She got up and then walked back over to the pole and then she said, the answers to your questions will be revealed soon and before I could say anything, she vanished in thin air and then I immediately woke to find that I had masturbated while I was dreaming and I had nutted all over my pajamas. I was awe when I heard my girl Essence walking in our room and she shouted, “Who the fuck was you talking to and why is there cum everywhere on the bed?! You have some damn explaining to do! To be continued……


Music By K.E.M.- Tonight


  1. Omg!! This is 1 sexy ass story!! It sucked me in from the beginning! Please make more! Can’t wait for part2!!

  2. OMG this story was off the chain. I enjoyed reading it and the music was perfect.

  3. Wowwwww 😵😳 I read this out loud in front of my homeboy and this fool d*** starting standing at attention lol I had to tell him don’t look at me and that the bathroom was to the left & don’t even think about touching my lotion

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