Chocolate City Sex Chronicles Part 2: Menage N Cream

Chocolate City Sex Chronicles Part 2: Menage N Cream

Previously on Chocolate City Sex Chronicles: Essence catches her husband Maurice masturbating in their bed while he is moaning another woman’s name, the lady in the black dress that he saw in his dreams.

Essence walks in on Maurice and she starts cursing loudly and throwing the covers off of him. Maurice gets up and says, “what the hell is your problem woman?” Essence looks at him and says, “why the fuck were you in here moaning another bitch’s name?” Maurice pauses and says, “Well damn, you spying on me and shit. I was dreaming and fantasizing about you if you know so much.” Essence looks at him and calls him a liar and then she tells him that he better not be cheating on her with another female or she was going to his nuts off and feed it to him and she then handed him a towel and told him to clean himself up. She told him that she had cooked breakfast and that his food was on the table in the kitchen and that she would be in her in home office doing work if he needed her. Maurice began talking to himself, saying that he needs to be more careful on pleasuring himself while wife Essence is around so she won’t out find about his obsession with the woman in the black dress. Maurice then proceeds to eat breakfast, then he gives Essence a kiss and then tells her that he’s going to meet up with the guys and that he’ll be back later in the evening. As Maurice is pulling out the drive way, Essence looks through the window blinds to make sure he leaves. She smiles and says, “Finally I have some time to myself, ugh.” She proceeds to shut the window blinds and then she goes to her computer and then calls Lorenzo and he picks up the phone and he says, “Did that clown leave yet?” Essence laughs and says,” Yes that clown is gone, my body is calling for you. I can’t stop thinking about that big black cock of yours. I miss it so much that my pussy is leaking for you. I hate that your far away from me.” Lorenzo laughs and he asks her who pussy that was and she told him that her pussy belonged to her. He then tells her to video chat him so he can see her fat, brown pretty pussy, so they can do their thing. She immediately hangs up the phone and then she video chats him.


Essence proceeds to play music when Lorenzo tells her to slowly take off her skirt while he watches with his hands in his pants, touching his huge light skin dick. Essence starts dancing slowly while she began taking off her skirt from the back and then she revealed to Lorenzo that she was wearing a pink thong. She started twerking a little bit asking him do he like what he see and he replied back by saying that he loves that shit and then he proceeded to take off his shirt showing his exotic tattoos, of him having a tattoo of a huge lion and red lip kisses on his chest . Essence starts to lick her lips and then she walks over to the computer and she says, “I want to see my dick Lorenzo. Pull that shit out and grab some coco butter lotion and jack it for me.” Lorenzo tells her that he wants her to start off slow, but Essence wasn’t having it. She told him if he wanted to see this pussy cum on her 10 inch dildo, then he has to do what she says. He said, it’s like that? She replied yes it’s like that, now drop them pants with your sexy light skin, Chris brown looking ass. Lorenzo gets fully naked and he says, we need to hurry up before my wack ass brother Maurice comes back home. You know his mind ain’t wrapped tight. We shouldn’t be doing this, I feel bad going behind my brother’s back like that.” Essence told him to shut the fuck and to stop bitching before he kills her mood. Then she says, “Do you want this pussy or not?!” Lorenzo said, “Hell yea! You know I do!” She says, “OK then, shut up and let’s do this.” Lorenzo said, say no more and then he told her to get her 10 inch dildo that stood up on it’s own so she could ride it. She said she already has it ready for him. He said damn, and then he told her to climb on top of the dildo and to fuck it reverse cow girl, but to do it slowly because he wanted to see that nice, brown skin ass of hers. Essence hops on her dildo and she began riding it slowly moaning loudly, while her ass was clapping on the dildo. She was sliding up and down on it, like she was on a strip pole dancing for money. Lorenzo started immediately jacking his dick and he then told her to speed it up and she did. Essence said, “You like all this ass daddy?! Do You?! I can’t hear you?! Lorenzo still jacking his cock said, “Yes I do! Please don’t stop! Clap that ass on my dick! Both of them started calling each other names loudly, while they were masturbating on the computer. Lorenzo screamed Essence!! Essence screamed Lorenzo! Essence suddenly stops and then she tells Lorenzo that she has a surprise for him and then he asked her what it was, but she said i’s a surprise and he had to wait. Stunned, Lorenzo was astonished when he saw that Essence had whip cream in her hand. He asked her what she planned to with it and she ignored him and she then proceeded to pick up her dildo and then she sprayed the whip cream on the dildo and then she looked at Lorenzo with a devilish look. She said her dildo represented his dick and he’s going to get this treatment when she sees him. Lorenzo eyes became massive that he started slobbing out of his mouth while the music was still playing. He slowly grabbed the coco butter lotion while his eyes were still fixed on Essence. Essence started to deep throat the 10 inch dildo in her throat. In and out, in and out the dildo came out of her mouth. Her dildo had spit on it and whip cream at tip of its head. Essence jumped in bed and grabbed another dildo that was 11 inches and she started sucking the 10 inch dildo in her mouth and then she started fucking her vagina with the 11 inch dildo, moaning so loud that she became louder than the music. Lorenzo was fucking himself faster and faster while he watched her and then he started saying, “Baby I feel that nut coming. I can’t control it.” Essence took the 10 inch dildo out her mouth and she said, “CUM FOR ME DADDY, CUM FOR ME DADDY!” Essence then laid on her stomach and she tooted her butt up in the air and she started fucking herself hard from the back with her 11 inch dildo with her pretty, perfect brown ass in the air, making the head board rattle as she screamed Lorenzo’s name, telling him to cum on her back as if he was over there with her in that moment. Lorenzo starts yelling and moaning loudly and then he said, “Here it comes!” He started cumming hard as hell as his legs started shaking. He ended up cumming on his chest as his cum had shot up in the air. Essence had turned on her back as she kept pleasuring herself watching Lorenzo cumming on himself. She started shaking also as she screamed, FUCK out loud as her milky white nut ran down her leg!! They both were quiet for a moment and then Essence walks over to the computer and she says, “That’s just a taste of what you’re going to get when I see you again.” Lorenzo just smiled and said, Girl now I know my brother is crazy over your ass, you are a freak! But I love it though and you right when I come home I tear that ass up of yours.” She said I know you will and they both told each other that they will talk to each other later because they had things to do.


Meanwhile Maurice wasn’t aware that his older brother was messing with his wife behind his back, while he went to his homeboy Tatter house to tell him about his dream about the lady in the black dress that he saw in his dreams. Tatter was laughing at him in disbelief about how his friend could be obsessed with an imaginary woman and how he has a wife but he’s stunting another woman. Maurice tried to convince that his dreams are true and he even invited Tatter to come join him in his dream. Tatter looking at him crazy, said, “My wife and kids are sleep bro and you want me to come to some fantasy strip club land with you to see a woman that is imaginary?! Not going to happen. Maurice told him to just do it and what doe he has to loose. Tatter says he has a lot to loose because people might think hes’s crazy like Maurice. But Tatter agrees to do it and then he closed his eyes and he then puts his hands on Maurice’s shoulder and then he opened his eyes and he was in a massive ball room that was covered with all white angelic cloths. Everywhere he looked, he saw people dressed up in suites and dresses and he noticed that he was dressed in a all white suite himself. Beautiful black women and exotic women of every race were dressed in all white angelic garments and robes and Maurice had on a black and fold suite on himself when he looked up saw a huge sign read Welcome to Chocolate City. He tapped Tatter and showed him the signed and Tatter couldn’t believe his eyes and he looked at Maurice and said this is crazy. Your dream is actually real. Wow. As he talking while the music was playing, Maurice interrupted him and told him to look straight and Maurice said, “That’s’ the lady I saw in my dreams yesterday! That’s her.” Tatter said are you sure? An Maurice said he was positive that it was her. He started walking her way while she was sitting down staring at him. Tatter couldn’t believe his eyes, but he said fuck it and he just rolled with it and he told the waiter to give him a drink as he watched Maurice converse with this mysterious, sexy lady he was looking at that dressed in all white. Maurice says,”While you look drop dead gorgeous.” I mean your stunning.” The mysterious lady I know and then she asked Maurice what took him so long to get to the party. He said he wanted to convince his friend that she was real and she said, it doesn’t matter if she’s real to Tatter but as long as she’s real to him. Maurice agreed with her and then she stood and he asked did she want to dance and she said of course. Tatter was in the background smiling saying, “THAT’S MY BOY!” Maurice motion him to come over and he introduced Tatter to her and then Tatter said what’s your name and the lady said, you’ll know soon and that not even Maurice knows my name. Tatter looked stunned but he said okay, that information can wait. I’m about to get my groove on. He then started dancing with a beautiful white woman. As they are dancing, the mysterious lady told Maurice she had a surprise for him after the party and Maurice smiled and said what it is, she hinted her eyes back at her black sexy friend who smiled and winked at Maurice and then the mysterious lady whispered in his ear and said, “A Menage a Trois.” Maurice looked excited as hell as the mysterious lady just smiled and continued to dance the night with him. To be continued………


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