Chocolate City Sex Chronicles Part 3: Your My Little Secret (The Red Room)

Chocolate City Sex Chronicles Part 3: Your My Little Secret (The Red Room)

As Maurice was dancing with the mysterious lady, he notice Tatter dancing with the mysterious woman’s white friend as the mysterious lady whispered in his ear, asking him if he was ready to head to the room. Maurice immediately looked at her with a excited look and he said, hell yea he was ready but he still didn’t know her name and she told him that all will come in time, but to just relax and to focus on her in the moment, and to give his all to her. Maurice agreed and he completely became settle and he gave into this mysterious woman as she lead him away to her room that was in this massive hotel. Tatter looked at Maurice and asked him where was he going and Maurice told him to follow them to see for his-self. Tatter looked confused, but he went along with it smiling, dancing as he went to the room with Maurice and the mysterious woman while her two friends came along. As they enter the room, Maurice and Tatter was amazed at the scenery in the room. The room was covered with red curtains which looked like a red velvet cake was splattered all over the place. Everything in the room was red or had some red in it. They even had red wine sitting on the table, waiting for them. “Damn, now this is sexy as fuck! Makes me think of Fifty Shades of Grey type shit, you really are a mysterious lady I see”, said Maurice. The mysterious lady chuckled a little bit and she said, “Well Maurice I told you that you were in for a surprise tonight.” Maurice laughed and said you ain’t never lied. He asked Tatter what he thought, but Tatter was playing with the whips on the wall, purring like a cat at the white woman when he said, hell yea he can absolutely dig this! He said, Maurice, boy you really wasn’t lying about all this being real. Then Maurice said he told him so. The mysterious told Maurice and Tatter to get comfortable while her and her two friends went to freshen up to put on something a little more sexy to brighten the mood. Maurice looked at Tatter and they both shook their head in unison as the women went to freshen up. Tatter then told Maurice that he sorry that he doubted him and that he will now believe his words and Maurice told him that it’s cool and to enjoy the moment while he’s here. But Tatter pulled out his wallet to get a condom when he saw the wedding picture of him and his wife and that’s when he became silent and then he kept talking about his wife and he kept doubting himself asking Maurice if this is right since they both have wives back at home. Maurice was annoyed and told him to shut that shit up and that they deserve this moment because their wives don’t value them, and if they did, then they wouldn’t be here right now getting love and affection from these other women. Tatter became silent and then Maurice told that he always complained to him about how his wife doesn’t support his dreams of becoming a male singer and that she isn’t affectionate to him. Tatter told him that he has a point and that he was right to enjoy the moment and to not think about their wives. Maurice went to his wallet to get his wallet, when he saw a picture of wive Essence and then he started to tear up, when Tatter asked him what was wrong and then Maurice said, “Essence never loved me bro. All these years, she has pushed me away and I never really had that connection with her like I did when we first got married.” Tattered was shocked by what Maurice said and then he said, Damn man, I didn’t know you two was fucked up like this. Now I see why your so hell bent on talking to this mysterious woman, because deep down you wish this was Essence that was doing the things this mysterious woman is doing for you. It makes sense now.” Maurice said yep and then he through his wallet to the floor and said fuck it, he is going to enjoy himself tonight and that his love for Essence is dead. Tatter agreed with him and they dapped each other up as they got ready for the women to come back in.


As Maurice and Tatter were done talking, the mysterious woman and her friends suddenly appeared before them, dressed in sexy lingerie. The mysterious woman had on some pink exotic underwear and a bra which was a one piece that resemble the shape of an angel with her hair flowing down her back with her beautiful light skin brown ass hanging out her fit and she smelled like like roses that were fresh picked from the Garden of Eden itself. She was looking so angelic that Maurice sweating uncontrollably that his dick immediately became hard. Tatter was astonished by the mysterious woman’s beauty. He couldn’t take his eyes off her too. Then her white friend came in behind her dressed in a two piece which was the color of sky blue and she said her name was Lilly and that she was ready to take a journey of into sexual pleasure with Tatter. An she ask him did he want this and Tatter said Hell yea! The last woman to come in was the mysterious woman’s black friend and she said her name was Ivory and she was dressed in a red robe that resemble the color of a ruby gem. She had on red underwear and a red sexy bra she opened her robe up. Maurice mouth was watering and his dick started rising and his eyes were fixated on Ivory and the mysterious woman. Ivory looked at Maurice and said, “This mysterious woman you desire is my best friend and she told me you have a massive black cock and you seek true love. Is this true Maurice, because I seek the same thing and I want to find out for myself what’s like having your massive cock inside me. Maurice was silent and then he looked in the direction of the Mysterious woman and ask her how did she know, and she said a woman knows all and she asked Maurice was he ready to be taken to heaven and Maurice and Tatter looked each other and then Tatter shook his head and said bro let’s do this, while the mysterious woman and Ivory walked over to Maurice and Lilly walked over to Tatter, while the music was playing and all three of the women told Maurice and Tatter that this were their little secret and to not tell their wives what is about to occur tonight.


The mysterious woman told Maurice to stand up and he did what she asked. But before he could ask why, the mysterious woman had put her finger on Maurice’s lips before he spoke and she told him to be quiet and to enjoy this loving he is about to receive, while Ivory got on her knees and she unbuckled Maurice’s belt and pulled down his pants and she shoved his big 9 inch cock in her mouth and she started sucking it slow while she was stroking hid dick while Maurice began kissing the mysterious woman and then he looked over to where Tatter was and he saw Lilly and Tatter doing the 69 while Lilly was moaning so loudly that Tatter told her to shut the fuck up and to take it this tongue while he was slurping and licking fast as hell on her pussy while he was fingering her asshole. He then bent Lilly over and he grabbed her titties as he was kissing on her neck as he was pounding her ass from the back as she screamed, “FUCK YES DADDY! FUCK THIS PUSSY! GIVE THAT BLACK COCK! YES!. “Well they’re having fun. Let’s have our fun as well, said the mysterious woman.” Ivory said she agreed. They threw Maurice on the bed and the mysterious woman and Ivory began sucking his dick at the same time while, Ivory deep throat-ed his cock in her mouth while the mysterious woman was licking and slurping on his balls. Maurice then told the mysterious woman to ride his dick and he told Ivory to to his ride his face at the same time and they did. The mysterious woman ass was clapping on Maurice’s dick while he started choking as he was eating Ivory’s pussy at the same as both of them yelled in agony. “YES! YES! OH MY GOSH BABY! DON’T STOP SUCKING ON THIS PUSSY, I’M ABOUT TO CUM! FUCK!, SAID IVORY! I’m about to cum to said the mysterious woman as she was riding Maurice backwards in the reverse cowboy position while she was making her big pretty brown ass clap on his dick. They both screamed as they nutted and then Maurice got up and said we ain’t done and then he threw the mysterious woman on the bed and told Ivory and her to each other’s pussy while he fucked Ivory from the back. They immediately started kissing on each other and they started slurping and eating each others pussy while both them moaned so sexy that Tatter and Lilly came over to join in on them. Lilly began sucking Maurice’s dick while Tatter was fucking her from the back while he was fingering Ivory. Maurice then got behind Ivory while the mysterious woman was on the bottom eating her out and he started pounded the shit out of her and she tried to run but the mysterious woman and Lilly held her down to make sure she took Maurice’s dick. Then the mysterious woman had switched places with Ivory while Maurice was pounding her from the back while Lilly was kissing her as she continued to get fuck by Tatter. The mysterious woman screamed so loud that it made everyone else in the room hornier as they were all together pleasuring each other. Then Maurice said he was about to nut and then he pull out his dick while the mysterious woman told him to nut on her and Ivory’s face and he did while Tatter nutted in Lilly’s mouth while she sucked the nut out of his dick, draining him as he moaned loudly, while Maurice laughed at him and told him to take it. But Tatter said Lilly’s dick sucking skills were incredible and he could barely take it. All three of the women had cum on their faces as they kissed each other and then Maurice and Tattered looked at each other while they dapped each other up and they all went to lay in the together to sleep. A few hours later, everyone was tired out and sleep, except for Maurice and the Mysterious woman. He was holding her as he stroked her hair and he said they this was the best night he ever had and she said that their were many nights like this to come. He asked her name and she said her name is Essence and he looked confused when she said that. Maurice said are you serious and she said yes and then that’s when his phone had ringed and it was wife Essence asking him where he was. Maurice starred in the darkness trying to figure out what to say to his wife Essence as the other Essence was looking at him waiting for him to speak to his wife. To be continued………


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