Death Carousel

Death Carousel

She rides in the night searching for the escape souls to bring them back to the curse lands of the lost kingdom where they will forever be imprisoned in the ghostly realm and tortured for eternity until time itself is up and then they will be reborn to try this thing we call life again, to see if they can be obedient and live a prosperous life. Some of them make the most of their second chance but others are not so lucky. Even in death they are still evil and treacherous with their wicked transgressions only be punished again by dying in boiling oil and to have their screams not to be heard by her. But Mrs. Death is also a generous lady rewarding those who live life without sin and the ones that live life with their purpose to fully see what it is worth. Mrs. Death Carousel will forever ride on her horse keeping control of the afterlife and demanding the dead with her very reaper knife. Even the devil himself would not dare go against her. Because if he did, it would be the end of him as well since he can’t die, even eternal torture for the devil is a fate he would not wish on the damn souls that enter the lost kingdom to meet Lady Death Carousel. She is neither good or evil. She is neutral and she upholds everything in balance. She is the protector and destroyer of life and the souls answer to her even God himself, who is her Uncle. But he knows she can’t fully over power him but she can cause a stir in the universe that will give him problems so he gracefully let her do as she pleases. As the evil souls tried to escape her, she said turn around, see them behind you, wearing masks. You don’t know, but the Devil is here, on Earth, and everything you love, soon, will die. Don’t listen to this voice of mine, just feel this words, you know the truth is always written in blood. An before they got a taste of their new escaped life., Mrs. Death Carousel slashed them in half with their reaper knife as they died again in pain and were sent back to the lost kingdom. Legend has it that at midnight if you look up the sky while the moon is full, you can see her riding on her horse in the sky with souls attached to her saddle while hearing the moans and screams of the damned and loving souls crossing to the afterlife. She is Mrs. Death Carousel!

Music By: Peter Gundry


  1. Don’t normally read this type of genre but think I might start. This is really good!

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