Dragons From The East-Xian

Dragons From The East-Xian

Hear the battle cry, Victory is near, We march as one, We are strong, We will fight, Like the Great Dragon, we are long-lived. We have seen the rise and fall of others, and yet we remain. We have suffered wars, disasters and invasion. And still we persist on. Like the Great Dragon, we have great wisdom. We respect our elders, for they are a font of knowledge. We worship our ancestors and those before, for history has much to teach us. Like the Great Dragon, we are benevolent. We share our knowledge, our culture, our writing with others. Silk, Jade, Porcelain and Paper, our gifts to the world. Like the Great Dragon, we are humble. We honor our families and teachers, for what are we without their guidance? Humility is a virtue, Confucius says. Give your utmost but take no credit. We are the Descendants of the Dragon. We have much to be proud of our ancestry. And we shall greet the future with resilience and dignity. It was a long hard journey, but we reached the breaking point many times through it and sometimes we thought about just ending it all. We conquered many obstacles that were in our path but they did not go down with out a fight some of the monsters were huge and seemed unbeatable. They got in our heads and messed with our minds, causing confusion had us feeling lost , but we knew we had to keep pushing ourselves, so we took down the beasts piece by piece, hour after hour, till finally, we reached our destination with our family of dragons. We have finally completed the impossible, the unthinkable, we have finished our first lesson, the lesson of what it means to be brave and now we have the blessings of the beautiful, mystic, and eternal Dragon Xian.



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