Limbo- Death in Paradise

Limbo- Death in Paradise

As I run down into the deep dark woods I see my true fears. Am I alive? Am I dead?

As I run to see dead body’s hanging one by one on just one simple rope.

Is it my mind playing tricks on me? Am I dreaming? Why is the world black and white ? Why is the place drifting to another area of my fears? Am I OK ? Am I alive? Who am I? Who are you ?

As a cold breeze brings me chills to my spine. A winter past is all I hear is sound. Screams of People moaning like mindless zombies. Why are they chained? I slowly whisper to myself . What is this place? Is it hell or a dream or limbo.

It scares me not to scream and run. But what’s the point of running when you might end back in the place you’ve all ready been.

We all lived. We all died. Does this justify your needs? Hanging by a rope, I tied a noose . Hanging on the hanging tree, Where we met at midnight. By the hanging tree. There you stood as I hung, Slitting your neck in two just to be with me,. My rope breaks and now I’m my your side. Baby it was worth it to be in Limbo with you.