RCIA- What’s the hype about?!

RCIA- What’s the hype about?!

Redhawk Crescent Indie Awards! We’re ecstatic to be the premiere outlet in Charlotte,NC and in the USA for film makers and comic book writers to receive recognition and awards for their hard work

It’s our first year running and we’ve already received amazing feedback about our award show! Participants, movie goers and comic book artists alike are excited to be a part of an emerging event in the new mecca of film in the Queen City and in the USA!

RCIA mission is to highlight the works of talented filmmakers and comic book writers/artists who otherwise may not have the opportunity to showcase their project. Our goal is to also educate the new filmmakers and comic book artists/writers with industry related resources and provide an excellent opportunity for networking.

We are excited about the industry experts who will share their knowledge and give their advice to filmmakers and comic book artists. The venue for the used for the Redhawk Crescent Indie Awards will be on July 13th at John C. Smith University at 6:30pm-9:30pm in Gambrell Auditorium. Their will be panelists and special guests their as well. 

Awards & Prizes

List of Film Awards 
Best Feature Film- Wins $500 cash prize and TV Network Movie Deal with RedhawkMoonTV . 
Best Short Film- Wins $250 cash prize and RedhawkMoonTV Movie Deal to produce their movie in a full feature length film. 
Best Music Video- Wins a $5000 Video and Marketing Deal 
Best Web Series- Wins a TV Network Deal to have their web series air on RedhawkMoonTV Network. 
Best Director 
Best Indie Actor/Actress Overall Performance 
Best Indie Drama Actor/Actress 
Best Indie Actor/ Actress on the rise 
Best Redhawk Crescent Actor Award 
Best Student Film- Wins a film scholarship from Redhawk Crescent Studios. 
Best Comedy Skit 
Best Animation Video 

Web-Comic/Comic Book Awards 
Best Super Hero Comic 
Best Non-fiction Comic 
Best Science-Fiction/Fantasy Comic 
Best Horror Comic 
Best Comic Book/Web-Comic Overall



Submit your films and comics now!

Thanks for sharing the word! See you there!