Remembrance of Africa- The Great MotherLand

Remembrance of Africa- The Great MotherLand

The morning sunrise beams across the horizon, while the lion, zebras, elephants, and the creatures of the land run across the plane in a frantic, but soul searching pace. The people of the plane were shocked in amazement at the beauty of what is transpiring and that made all the tribes in the area come out and blow trumpets and beat heavy on their drums, which turned the air into a spiritual, yet animated, soul searching musical vibe that had even the creatures were humming to the sound of the tune that was being played by the village people. The elders of the tribes appeared before the congregation as they took witness their people playing their musical instruments at the sight of the animals that were there. Then one of the elders from Koshi tribe said “Let us give praise to these magnificent animals and not kill them for for, but befriend them in our conquest to build the greatest empire that world has ever seen.” All of the other elders were puzzled at first, but they nodded their head in agreement and so did the people in the village and from that day, marked the beginning of the great nation of Egypt, where the blacks ruled with great sovereignty throughout the place they called Africa. They ruled in the land which their elder God “Yahweh” called “The Land of Milk and Honey.” The first elder from the Koshi tribe became the ruler of all the tribes that came together and his titled changed from elder to the first Pharaoh of Egypt also known as the Nubians.

He made a vow to the gods and the great God Yahweh that they will rule with a iron fist and spread positiveness throughout all of Egypt and Africa as a whole.  He showed his people that the creamy texture of their dark chocolate, melanin skin was not to be ashamed of, but to be celebrated because they are the first people of earth and that their skin texture are the same colors of the Gods in heaven. He told the dark beautiful women of Egypt to embrace their woolly, magnificent hair and to wear as a symbol of self respect and beauty and to embrace their god-given curves and to be strong and to be their for their husbands. He also told the fathers to be strong Egyptian men and to protect and guide their family and to be the example of his household spiritually, and as a formidably worker to provide for his wife and kids. The Pharaoh was told them that they were the chosen people from the 12 tribes of Judah and that they are held to the highest standard from the Creator God “Yahweh” and that they must lead the other tribes throughout Africa from the darkness and to never turn from Yahweh or they will have 400 years of generations suffering from him because we are his chosen people. He also told them that if they didn’t abide by this warning, then Egypt will be corrupted by outsiders and people foreign of the land of Africa and they will split the Egyptians into two different kinds of black people and their own black leaders will sell their own people to these invaders for the simple fact  of having money known as greed or the Devil’s Jewels. The people in slaves will return to Egypt or other parts of Africa in 400 years to start a new civilization but not until they endure 4 generations of suffering from their oppressors. The first Pharaoh gave his people the warnings and time went by as Egypt flourished in the world and so did other parts of Africa as well, economically, spiritually, building great monuments which the world knows today as the great Pyramids of Egypt. An from that, Egypt became the first black country on earth, leading the world in the future until Egypt became corrupted  and infiltrated and they forgot about the first Pharaoh’s warning and what he warned came to pass and the people were split into and the rulers became know as the new Egyptians and the others became slaves known as the Hebrew-Israelites’ and both black races were cursed from that day.

The Hebrew-Israelites were sold to a foreign land known today as the United State of America  by the new Egyptians but the new Egyptians were later conquered by the Arabians that mixed with their people and all of Egypt’s black history was white washed and stolen to belittle the people who were slaves known as the Hebrew- Israelites aka the descendants of the original Egyptians so they wouldn’t know their true history and where they came from. The Arabians and Europeans stole their history and kept them in bondage and they murdered and raped their families. The Hebrew-Israelites families were also broken up by their masters all because they didn’t remember the first pharaoh’s warning. They forgot about Yahweh and know they must suffer for 400 years until they will rise gain to remember who they are and where they came from and they will return back to the motherland known as Africa which is the Land of Milk and Honey. The black people living in the United States of America right now are the descendants of the Hebrew-Israelites and are the chosen people of Yahweh.

They will remember who they are and they will once again become the Kings and Queens of the past and start a new Egypt in the land of Africa that is not corrupted and finally be at peace and be with Yahweh for eternity. Legend says that if you travel back to the ruins of Egypt,Africa and visit the tomb of the first Pharaoh and actually listen, you can hear the majestic voices of Africa and the country of Egypt speak to you and you can hear the sounds of Ancient Egypt and all of it’s history and glory will speak to you and you can here the 1st Pharaoh’s warning to his people and you can hear him laugh and say,”The glory of Ancient Egypt will return again.” As the angelic and ,majestic sounds continues to play from his tomb. Welcome to Ancient Egypt the great country inside the motherland known as Africa. Know Thy Self!


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