Romance- Love Light

Romance- Love Light

We oddly find ourselves stuck between our past and the future, but yet we tend to stray from reality because of our guilt and in those instances we find something that every species no matter the creature longs for. An that is love. We all long for love or to be loved, because we have the sense of urgency to find someone who is compatible like us, to thrive in life and to relish in the heat of the fiery realms of being in love with your soul mate. Knowing that the person you hold most dear to your heart, is your comrade in battle and in life and you two together can tear down any obstacle, defeat any gigantic foe that threatens your happiness, brings you the best feeling an individual can long for. The power of love is so riveting that it makes you shake as if your having a seizure, but not a medical one, but a vibrant sensation that makes you thirst for the touch, the smell, the thought of your love or the person who makes you forget that you exist in the world, because they only matter and the both of y’all together is organismic. As I’m writing this, I often think about the people I loved in my life. It makes me wonder, was it true love or was it just a life lesson that I needed. Maybe I’ll never know. But I do know that when you find that special person in your life that, somebody that makes you breathless when you’re in their presence, or they say all your words before you get them out, and they know how to calm you down when you get in a pout.

You my friend have found the love of your life and that is your soul mate. Finding these things in an individual or in any creatures that are in the universe are very rare. So when you find that shining light in the mist of your darkness, that leads you back on the right path, make sure to never stray from it. Because if you do, then you will forever be lost in the darkness , shivering like a cursed ghost who is searching for heaven with no way to find it. So please my friends, if you have that special person in your life that does all the things that I mentioned before, please hold onto them and show them that you appreciate them before someone else do and they will steal your love light.

I’ve found love myself and I don’t know if she’s the love of my life, maybe we will be life long friends or lovers, whatever it is, I plan on keeping her in my life and I plan on cherishing our friendship and relationship until we both meet Death at his door and even in the in the afterlife, I will still stand by her side until we are reincarnated again to relive life. She’s my light that I found in this dark tunnel we call life and with it, I will follow her to my happiness and to the heavens where will love cherish each other’s company as if we were in the realm of the Gods. An we will love each other until the Goddess Aphrodite tells us otherwise. So my friends, hold onto your light and whoever that person or creature that makes you feel full of life and that puts a smile on your face, keep them, because if you don’t they can vanish from your life without a trace. This is the tale from Mr. Redhawk Crescent, welcome to his world where anything is possible any fantasy can become a reality.


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