Soul Sista Chronicles- Coming This Fall To RedhawkMoonTV

Soul Sista Chronicles- Coming This Fall To RedhawkMoonTV

It’s time baby! CALLING ALL ACTRESSES AND ACTORS!! SOUL SISTA CHRONICLES Auditions are on April 2nd!

Exclusive Look at the episode titles for our new upcoming Web- TV Series called “Soul Sista Chronicles!”

Episode 1- A Black Woman’s Intellect
Episode 2- Damn He’s Fine, Chocolate Moca
Episode 3- Lesbian Overload- I Should’ve Cheated On Him
Episode 4- Momma’s Final Wishes
Episode 5- Depression Leads to New Impressions
Episode 6- Andrea’s Got Her Groove Back
Episode 7- Meet the Intern- The Spotlight
Episode 8- Business Affairs
Episode 9- Black Love Is Beautiful 
Episode 10- Black Girl Magic- A Queen Is Born


“Soul Sista Chronicles” is about the journey and romance and work and family life of CEO African American Business Woman “Andrea Hartsfield!” ALL ROLES ARE PAID! Auditions are April 2nd! “Soul Sista Chronicles” will air globally on RedhawkMoonTv ! If you’re interested in auditioning, please email us or comment on this post or email us! Show this to someone who be a great at auditioning! Thanks! 
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