Stingy (Brown Sugar)

Stingy (Brown Sugar)

Listen! Now it’s been years and and I know we fell apart but I got to reconcile with you. Everyday I think about you and I miss your kisses. I miss the way you touch me, the way you make a little smile when I pinch your cheek. You can say I’m tripping, but I’m stingy because I can’t hide it and most guys like myself, know what they want and they plan on actually working for a woman like you that’s independent, beautiful, intelligent and that doesn’t need a man but you want one, for companionship. Baby listen, I just want to be your man! Nothing turns me on more than being with you. I’m stingy baby! I miss kissing on your brown smooth skin and your skin feels so smooth like you was dip in a lake full of cocoa butter lotion. Yeah I said it. That’s right! The way we talked about life and just being around each other and feeding off each other’s spirit and devotion into each other’s intellect and remembering that it’s not about the physical attraction we share with one another, but more of the spiritual attraction that we share with being around each other all the time.  

Being in love is a beautiful thing. There’s nothing like being with that one woman that makes you feel like a little kid again that is just experiencing his first love crush. That’s a special feeling that only comes around a few times in a person’s life. When it does, try your best to keep it. Everyone wants to be in love, whether they admit or not. The feeling of being in love with the person you can’t see yourself being without. The feeling you get when you look each other in the eyes, knowing you matter to them, and knowing that no person or people can break y’all apart is breathtaking! Their touch, their kisses are to die for and you yearn to make that feeling of love everlasting. I love that feeling of being in love, the effect of having butterflies when you wake up in the morning to that special lady. That is special! I hope to find this kind of love one day with my JULIET…. AKA my brown sugar, Which is you my love, my future wife and that’s why I’m stingy baby and I got to have you. Now give it to me!

“He bends Keke over and starts pounding her from the back while she screams in pleasure and excitement, yelling his name (Jason) and she then arches her butt up higher while he continues to penetrate her from behind and then they switch positions while he munches on her vagina and then she gives him the same treatment of pleasure in his private area and then he makes loves to her while she is on her back and they both cum together while the music plays in the back ground and then they get ready for round two.” To be continued…….

(“Brown Sugar”) 




  1. ??… Oouu ?? I wonder what’s gone transpire next. Good work on the visuals

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