The Dragon Empress

The Dragon Empress

This is the warrior princess. But she was once just a princess who looked at the world with enthusiasm, eyes filled with hope. Yet this world filled her eyes with sorrow, a deep sadness rooted in worldly injustice. So she fought it. From the depths of her bold spirit a warrior emerged. Her face was proud, but… sad. For how could it not be? A warrior is bound to be sad, for he fights that which he despises, he fights that which is the darkest, a shadow of gray curtain of suffering veiled this world a long time ago. So the warrior’s eyes are full of meaning, a cause. But his eyes are bound to hold sadness when he looks upon this world. Yet the world should be grateful for the warriors are those who resist the tempting numbness that creep its way in many hearts. Yet the warrior’s heart persists. He would rather be sad and proud than happily numb. So we thank the warriors, we thank the fighters, for they will not conform to the darkness, they will rise above it. And maybe in the eyes of a lavish dreamer a glimmer of light can be found, if the world holds none. Maybe it can be found.

Out of the rages of wars now unknown,  From the dismal black ashes, a legend has grown. They called the girl Empress, the queen of the skies,  Supreme queen of dragons, and on dragons she flies,  Queen of the fire and mistress of all,  Obedient to none but the fire beast’s call. As the fire it awakens, it scorches the lands,  And could prove destructive, if in the wrong hands,  But the Empress was called on to combat this power,  And so has befallen her own darkest hour, For she has been charged with the keeping of peace,  So wars with the dragons and humans could cease. As the two beings circled, as the legend it goes,  They once were in friendship, but now were as foes,  As the dragon attacked her, and it ended her life,  Thus plummeting both worlds again into strife. The wars raged within her; the past caused her pain; She knew peace was needed, but she’d struggle in vain; As the last dragon bellowed its pain to the skies,  The ghost Empress watched it, its grief in her eyes.

From forgotten cities, who’s story is gone. Heroes have fallen, a beast of the ancient storm. Its claws and its teeth, sharp like a spear. Tamed by a myth whose name none can hear. Queen of the skies, now hear my call. Your subject has caused legend to fall Dragon empress, lord of the fire. The beast has caused pain and a deathly desire. The rider of wind, she called on her son. The killer of children and women beyond. He twisted and turned, but he could not prevail. His death by her hands, now crying she stands. Queen of the skies, who gently weeps. As her great monster lays dead at her feet. The dragon empress, in the moon she sits. As a hero she became legend, and from legend a myth.


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