Mystery of the Selkies- Kalita’s Resolve

Mystery of the Selkies- Kalita’s Resolve

We have been around for centuries, hiding in plain sight amongst you mortals for as long as the Ocean has been a crisp, clear blue color. We watch you mortals travel the seas high, and travel the seas low. We watch from afar, but yet we can still see the wonder of the mystery of our legend in your eyes. You wanted to know do we exist? Are we real? What’s the purpose of us being here? Are we violent? Haha, anxious mortal, the answers to your questions are all true. We wouldn’t say that we are that violent. We do get pretty aggressive on certain occasions when your kind tries to catch us so they can have good luck and imprison us. We were created by the God Poseidon to be watchers of mankind, to see you mortals flourish, but some of our kind turned evil and started to kill man kind. So we separated ourselves from them and we called our kind “Selkies.” The evil water nixies are called mermaids, it’s a big difference. They live in the darkest depths of the ocean, know as shallow creeks. No Selkie ever ventures there, because it’s to dangerous, we however live within the middle of the ocean rifts known as Merfolk Kingdom.

We oversee man kind’s protection as you lot travel the seas high and mild.  You think of us as fairy tales, because we make sure we are barely seen, but we in fact are all around you. Most of us can transform into a human body and live on land for short periods before we have to return back to the Ocean. Our mission is to protect man kind’s travels and to make sure the mermaids you mortals talk so highly of doesn’t trick you into thinking that they are genuine, when in fact they are pure evil and they will consume your soul the chance they get and you never be seen from again. The sailor looked puzzled after hearing all this and he walked over to the Selkie and asked her one question. “Can you take me with you, and show me the wonders of the ocean, that my eyes have not seen? The Selkie said, “Now why would I do that?” Your just a mortal, you will drown before we reach the depths of the ocean. The sailor was persistent in his demands but the Selkie refused his offer and she said that she must return to the Merfolk Kingdom. But as soon as she was about to leave the sailor threw a net over her before she could dive back in the ocean and he had trapped her. He smiled and said, “So it is true, what they say. You creatures fear fish nets.” The Selkie was outraged and threatened to curse him, but the sailor didn’t let her go and her told her that she was the one who he had been having dreams about since he was young and that she was the sea woman that he was in love with and that he didn’t know why. The Selkie told him to shut up and that he was speaking out of his head and that he didn’t know what he was saying.

The sailor told her that he knew it was her that appeared to him in his dreams and he told her that her name was Kalita, the beautiful mermaid, the daughter of the sea god Poseidon, the first mermaid that lead the rebel against her father and she was banished fro Atlantis to be damned a Selkie forever until her curse is broken by her finding true love, but in order for her to do that she must put an end to the reign of the evil mermaids also known as Water Nixies. How do you know this? The Selkie asked the sailor as he pulled the fish net off of her. He answered calmly and collectively by saying. “I knew it was you the moment you started telling about where you came from and it’s hard to forget a face of someone that you be in love with this whole time.” Kalita was overwhelmed with dysphoria that she dipped her head for a second and then she started smiling and then the water around her started twirling around her and she transformed into a full figured human and the sailor was astonished but yet thrilled by her transformation, that he stared in amazement at Kalita’s beauty.

The Kalita and the sailor started started chanting in unison saying “Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles, Sink down to the ocean top, Falling, falling, falling, Falling down until we stop, Are the ocean waves angry? Or is soft? As we fall, these bubbles portray our feelings, As we stop, and the love we share is thrilling.” An they both kissed romantically and then Kalita told the sailor that was her favorite chant as a child growing up and only her true love would know the words of it. The sailor smiled and said yes, that was my favorite chant as well growing up too. They smiled in each other’s face and then the sailor told Kalita and said, “You know the Nixies will come after us once they find out that you have found me, and they will stop at nothing to hunt us down and kill us. Kalita grabbed the sailor’s face and said “Enzo, my love, let them try.” She then kissed him again and they disappeared in the sunset.

TO BE CONTINUED…………………………..