By: Mr. Redhawk Crescent


Feeling him pulsing inside of me, made me feel the urge to want this feeling more and more, no matter the consequences. The urges of feeling his long, tender, massive, bulky black cock penetrating my cervix, made me loose air in my lungs, as I envisioned him thrusting himself slowly, but fiercely inside me, as I gulped the spit in my mouth, as I stared in his hazel eyes as he dominated me. My whole body was shaking uncontrollably and he gave me those long highway strokes and I was the car driving forever on that highway as my legs were the road be railed and drove on. I couldn’t stop cumming as I screamed so loud that he told me shut the fuck up and take it, as he locked eye contact with me and he told me to scratch his back or bite him or do whatever I need to do, to enjoy myself. So I did what Zaddy said without question. I grabbed and smacked his chocolate, caramel ass, as he was fucking me and I started biting and licking his arms and neck and he started moaning slowly like a whisper.

Then he got louder as I stuck my long serpent looking tongue in his ear as I stuck my finger in his butt as he jumped up looking like I committed murder in his eyes as he said, he never had any woman stick their finger in his butt and he felt awkward. I told him I’m not like those other bitches and he said I’m not comparing you. So I told him to shut the fuck and let me take charge and let me make him feel good. His face expressed an awkward look like he never had a woman talk to him like this before during sex and he didn’t know how to take it but his dick was loving my words and actions because he was rock hard like Mount Olympus and his dick was looking so Godly as if the goddess Aphrodite and Isis had unionize to give us the most godly sexual experience ever. He said ok and he laid on his back and I asked him do he trust me and he paused for a second and he said yes. I laughed and said you must trust me since your cock is rock hard like a 8 ball on a pool table ready to be hit.

He laughed and told me to do my thing and I said my pleasure. My phone started ranging right just before I was getting ready to drain that beautiful cock of his’s. My crazy abusive husband was calling me and he asked where I was at and I told my lover to hold on while I take this call and he was laughing as he couldn’t believe that he was fucking a married woman. It’s not his fault though, I should of been honest up front, but who cares. My lover Romeo fucks me better than my husband does and he’s not abusive and he understands me and he asks what makes me happy instead of only wanting me to validate and stroke his ego in front of his friends and did I mention he’s good at eating my pussy, which my husband sucks at. So who cares if I’m committing adultery, only cause it feels right.

Alright enough of me rambling, now back to story time ladies and gents. As I was saying before my I was interrupted by my own crazy mind. My sorry ass, small dick, no pussy eating, abusive husband called me right before I was getting ready to drain Romeo’s godly, beautiful cock. I told him that I was busy right now and I asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted me to come to his friends party tonight with him, but I told him that I had plans already and just like he always do, he went to verbally abusing me.


This enraged Romeo as he said he shouldn’t talk to me like that, but I gave him a look and told him that it was ok while I sung the lyrics to my favorite song by saying, New mindset, on the ride back, yeah, aye-aye, I had high hopes, but the dick just wasn’t hitting like that. (Just wasn’t hitting like that) I just seen your text, I don’t even care now to reply back.

I gave you one chance and you fumbled it. Love doing savage shit, but I look innocent. If I don’t like it, I’m not passive with it. Give me one reason and I’m quick to end it. I’m not the one that’s gone’ be caught up in my feelings, When it’s all over with. (Ooh, ah) My husband was like wtf you talking about and he asked where I was or was I with somebody?!

I calmly said your about to see and I told my husband to wait a second, as I put the camera on pause and mute. Then I asked Romeo again does he trust me and he said yes. He said, are you about to do what I think you about to do? I said yes and he got nervous but excited as fuck as he loved the idea of having someone else’s wife sucking his dick.

My husband kept rushing me and I told him to give me five minutes and he said ok. I put the phone back on mute and I paused it and I propped it up so he could see me sucking Romeo’s dick. I told Romeo to relax and I started slurping on his nine inch bulky chocolate dick as I was bending over in doggystyle style fingering my pussy and Romeo was moaning louder and louder.

He was like damn baby! I see why your crazy husband can’t leave you alone. Fuck! You fuck me so good! I just smiled and gave him a devilish look and grin and I told him to get on all fours and which he paused for a second but he obeyed my command. I started sucking his dick from the back while fingering his asshole a little bit while kissing and licking on his asshole for the duration of five minutes as he was fucking my throat and before he got ready to cum, I told him to stand up and hold the phone as I got on my knees.

As I unmuted and unpaused the phone, I told my husband to look at me. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Romeo shooting a huge cum shot, which resembled the size of 4 ounces of water on my face and in my mouth. As I bathe and swallowed all of his kids, as he moaned loudly, as I continued to drained his cock. My husband’s screams were so loud that his voice felt like music to my ears as I continued to drain Romeo’s dick and eat his children.


Then I stopped for a second and just took the moment in. My face was full of cum and spit. Then I looked at husband as he looked in disbelief and I said, I know you were fucking another woman behind my back and this is my payback for all those abusive and cheating years that I’ve endured with you. I want a divorce and I hung up the phone. I felt a load of pressure being lifted from my shoulders. Romeo smiled at me and said he was proud of me for following my heart as he kissed me and stroked my hair and he bent me over the bed as he began pounding me from back while I played some music. We fucked the whole night away as he whispered to me an said he wanted to marry me and I told him to just fuck me, while we can discuss that topic later, as I screamed and moan like crazy I while I smiled the night away.

To be continued..