Crescent Wood- 90’s Baby (Part 1)

Crescent Wood- 90’s Baby (Part 1)

Sitting here in my bed paging you, hoping you’ll get it so you can come over and plow me and give me your love. Why is it so hard for you to see that I love you. Why can’t you realize that she isn’t the one for you. You belong to me. All that fussing and going back and forth wouldn’t of occurred if your with me, a woman that values you and treats you like the King you are. Besides you know you miss my kisses on your neck, especially when I’m moving my tongue like a cobra when I’m licking and sucking on your neck while jacking that monstrous dick of yours until you nutted in my hand and I licked it all up while you had that stupid look on your face . You have me chuckling a little bit when we first met. Everything was innocent and so easy, growing up in Crescent Wood was adventure in itself. Your parents knew my parents and we connected that way. Knowing myself I was shy back then but when we met I knew you were the one for me.

Going to family barbecues and you telling me how you wanted to become a NBA player like Doctor Jay or a rapper like Tupac and how we were going to conqueror the world together and I told you how I wanted to become a singer like Whitney Houston and a professional basketball player myself. I told you that you could anything you put your mind to. Shit to be honest, making it out of Crescent Wood in any of those professions would of been a miracle in itself but we did it. As I sit here and fantasize about our younger years and how time has passed us by I realize that it wasn’t you that caused our break up, but it was me.

I was selfish, arrogant, and I was insecure. Seeing you with another woman and watching you being the center of attention drove me nuts, an in a way that actually pushed me to compete with you on all levels. But doing that drove you away. An now I’m here regretting that and I kept this secret from you all this years. I was responsible for you mom being in that car wreck and getting injured. You were leaving me going far away to college and I started drinking and I hit the car and I drove away not thinking it was your mom because in that moment I didn’t know what to do. An to think if I told you this, that you wouldn’t want anything to do with me. There’s more to the story but I’ll tell you that in time.


But for now I’m playing with fat juicy pussy that you use to like to suck on and you like it when I rode your face until I was squirting and my juices were running down your face and in your mouth while you were choking but you told me to keep riding it while you stroked your dick to get ready to shoot your nut in the air with that cock ring that I got you from Adam & Eve when we were seniors in high school. Then you would drill this fat brown skin, coconut smelling, back dimples ass from the back while I screamed your name and you would filled this puss yup with your cum while I make you taste your own nut and lick it up from my pussy. I don’t mean to get off subject, but knowing the hurt that I caused you, sex is the only way I can make the pain go away especially since drinking doesn’t solve anything. Sorry I have to go, and I will most likely delete this recording like I did the other 40 recordings from the last 2 months.

I have to go, I’m in rehab for drinking and having to much sex, but hopefully when I get out this program, I can finally send you this audio recording and maybe we can have a future together. Talk to you soon. Hopefully we can meet up like old times in Crescent Wood!

Enters Rehab Center…………….. To Be Continued