Slow Dance Papi-Remind Me

Slow Dance Papi-Remind Me

It was last night and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. Fuck! Why did she have to do me like that. I know I’m not her type, but that was so obvious to why she looked at me the way she did. But then again, she didn’t care because the way she was sucking my dick with ice last weekend was the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my life. She was moving the ice around in her mouth like it was some type of succulent, tasty treat that she had to dissolve in her mouth and she wanted my 10 inch cock in her mouth with it.

She knew that I had stress built up dealing with my divorce from my ex-wife and that the financial stress has taken a burden on me. But then again, how did she know about that from the jump anyway. It was weird but I didn’t give a damn at the moment of how she knew my personal life. I was to be busy moaning loud as fuck like a teenager that just experience his first dick sucking, because she was sucking my dick up and down slowly with the ice on it and she was slowly stroking it so good that I had to make her stop and I looked into her hazel eyes to let her know that her dick sucking skills were amazing.

She told me to shut the fuck up, be quiet, stop asking questions and to let her do her thing. I was so turned on because I never experienced a woman talking to me like that. Not even my ex-wife would say those words to me during sex. So I happy obliged her command and I let her stroke my 10 inch, curvy black cock in her mouth, while she starting speeding it up and she started spitting on it, making it sloppy while my precum was running down my BBC! An I felt my soul leaving my body slowly and she then told me to stand up because she wanted me to fuck her throat, so I did what she asked without question.


She was on her knees not using her hands while she was gagging on my cock and and her slob and spit was everywhere and she started fingering herself while she was sucking my dick. I never experienced this pleasure before and I wanted to enjoy every last second of it. She then told me to grab her head to force her to deep throat my cock and I did so, so quickly that my eyes rolled in the back of my head that it reminded me of how my wife use to suck my dick and I immediately told her to stop, but she wouldn’t stop and I couldn’t stop thinking abut my wife and then next thing I knew she told me to get in doggy position and I was like wtf! I’m not gay, and she said it wasn’t that and to trust her.

I was oddly uncomfortable but I did what he said and I felt like she was to fuck me with a strap on and I was screaming in my head, please don’t let this crazy bitch take my man hood! I love pussy not dick! I’m a straight man not gay, I can’t believe she talk she into this, when all of a sudden, she started sucking my dick from the back while and I noticed I was screaming loud as fuck and I couldn’t believe she was doing this to me.

I couldn’t stop questioning this but the feeling felt so dam good and then I felt something wet near my ass and I immediately jump up told her that this was going to far and that my ass was off limits and that I’m not gay. She looked at me and laughed and said that it wasn’t gay for a man to get his ass licked by a female and that the man’s G-Spot is in his ass and that I should be more open to new things especially since, I’m going through a divorce and that I need to calm down and let her relieve my stress. I thought about it and she was right. Here I was acting like a bitch in front of the sexy ass mami with her tanned, brownish skin. I said fuck that and I told she could could continue.

I bent over and she continued to suck and stroke my dick from the back while she was playing with her own pussy while the white, creamy nut was oozing out of her and she was moaning so loud that it turned me on so much that my dick became harder than a brick and she then started licking my asshole and while she was stroking my dick hard in a downwards position and I immediately came so hard that I almost fainted and I dropped in the bed and she sucked up every drop of my cum, making me shake like I was being electrocuted as if I was on death row and she nutted along with me. She then proceed to come on top of me with her fat ass shaking it on me while her pussy was still leaking with cum as it dripped on my stomach.

I told her that I never experienced that she laughed and said that she told me that it was going to be amazing. We both got dressed and she said she had to go. I grabbed her arm and I asked her what’s her name and where she was going. She snatched her arm back and she went outside as I followed her and she gave me me a kiss and she got in her Mercedes-Benz and she rolled down the window and said I’m your WIFE’S SISTER! She then drove off and I was left stunned knowing that I fucked my ex-wife’s sister now I’m obsessed with her and it’s been 3 weeks since our encountered and I can’t stop thinking about her.

Three weeks later, I arrived at my divorce consultation with my lawyer to find that my sexual encounter with this mysterious woman who claims to be my ex wife’s sister, is in fact the lawyer representing my ex wife in our divorce case. We both starred at each other as she introduced herself to my lawyer and I as Madam Desiree Ice-Heart and then the meeting begin as we discussed our divorced as she smiled at me and my wife.


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