Redhawk Crescent Indie Award Nominees!

Redhawk Crescent Indie Award Nominees!

With the big award show occurring in four months, we are finally revealing to you the nominees for the RCIA Show! Each individual on this list are creatives in their own right and they’re force to be reckon with in the independent film industry or indywood as we like to call it. They’re being recognize for their hard work and they have a chance to win an award for that shows that. Now view the list!

Best Director- Keema Mingo, Asha Chai- Chang, Tim Richardson, Tiffany Black, Dustin Hodges, Jess Gotta, Joe Badon, Idris Pearson

Best Indie Actress Overall Performance- Josyln Hall, Stacy Synder, Christine Kellogg-Darrin, Amma Starr, Kj Smith, Ciera Payton, Emily Ashby

Best Indie Drama Actress- Josyln Hall, Eden Hall, Emily Ashby, Rachel Alig, London Grace, Kimberly Newsome, Kj Smith, Katrina Jeen, Santosha Nicole

Best Indie Actor Overall Performance- Ron Godrey, Tay Lindsey, Rod Lorick, Zach Ball, Tim Richardson,

Best Indie Drama Actor- Art Parsells, Jeremy Carr, Tay Lindsey, Ron Godrey, Jerry Walker, Courtney Burrell, Cory Espie

Best Indie Actress on the Rise- Joslyn Hall, Emily Ashby, Nicole Diaz, Verina Banks, Shein Mompremier, Tati Gabrielle, Katrina Jeen

Best Actor on the Rise- Terayle Hill, Patrick R. Walker, Ron Godrey, Tay Lindsey, Anthony Portee

Best Redhawk Crescent Actor Award- Chuck Mccoy

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